All Daring & FESR Reunion – Coffs Harbour

G’day Shipmates,
Regrettably this letter brings sad tidings. Due to Covid 19 raging out of control in most states, our optimistic
forecast was not met, and as a result we are unable to proceed with the planned All Darings and FESR Ships
reunion planned for 1st-3rd October this year.
Alternative options are being considered, such as a restart of the proposal for next year, or just cancel, or a
complete new plan in the future sometime. Ever the optimist, I would like to see how the control measures for
the country pan out, when “The Jab” has been widely administered, then perhaps revisit the plan.
Refunds will be made for payees starting this week, but to do so I will require the attached application filled
out and returned to me, for data confirmation and as I don’t have your BSB or A/C Numbers. There is no
provision for paying by cheque or money order. Name tags will be available at $12.00 ea. deducted from your
refund if enough interested parties place an order on the refund form.
Your contact details will be kept on file if you approve, and you will be contacted with news as it comes to
Restrictions permitting, I will probably be in Coffs for the weekend anyway, since I have the accomodation
booked, and others are considering the same. Meanwhile I share your disappointment, and hope for a more
positive future for the proposal.
Yours Aye,

Refund Application 2021