Anzac Day Sydney 2020


Dear Shipmates,

Firstly on behalf of your association may I wish you and yours a wonderful and prosperous New Year. Yes I am early with my notifications if we plan early and get the dates locked in we will continue to GROW our numbers as we have done over the last couple of years for both the march and lunch, our success is because of you, getting behind what we are trying to achieve which is a good turn out for the march and with our partners for a great lunch and afternoon.

Once again as we have agreed on I will be sending an Invitation to the other Daring Groups to join us for our march and for lunch afterwards hopefully we will get a lot more joining us this year from Vampire, Voyager & Duchess.

Please don’t hesitate, come back to me via email or phone 0416250242 indicating your intentions for both the March & Lunch I look forward to hearing from you all, naturally I will keep the updates coming.

Regards To All,

Colin Hardie (President)

Vendetta Veterans Association