ANZAC Day Sydney 2021

Anzac Day 2021 was enjoyed by a small contingent of Vendetta Veterans with some (13) marching, (10) wives and (5) guests joined us for a great lunch and catch up afterwards. Still with the uncertainty of COVID we had many apologies and hopefully we will see a bigger turnout in 2022.

Lazer Light display over the Anzac Memorial starting at Sunset on the 24th April and   finishing at Sunrise on the 25th

Forming up in Castlereagh Street.

The Stokers, (L-R) Richard White, Steven Turner, Murray Turner, Rudy Armbruster & Ken Atkins.

The Seaman (L-R) Bruce Engert, Jesse James, Bob Dight, Colin Hardie & Steve Ruff.

(L-R) Bruce Engert, Colin Hardie, Richard White, Jesse James, Bob Dight, Steve Ruff & Murray Turner.

(L-R) Eric Tilt, Richard White, Murray Turner, Steven Turner & Ken Atkins.