HMAS Vendetta 1943-45 Leo Vincent Atkinson

Leo Vincent Atkinson

On Thursday 25th June 2020 it was an exciting day for Vendetta Veterans, when the National President (Col Hardie), Vendetta Veterans Association had a visit from a wonderful gentleman by the name of Glenn Atkinson.   Glen’s father (Leo Vincent Atkinson) served on HMAS Vendetta MK1 during her entire Pacific campaign (1943-45) and was part of the de-commissioning crew (1945) hence pictures of this great memorabilia.

Glenn has donated the White Ensign, used during Vendetta MK1 Pacific Campaign and one of the upper deck Name Plates to TS Vendetta, Coffs Harbour for safe keeping.

One of the photos is of the Crest that was on the Captain’s cabin door it is a duplicate and the story goes as follows:   The skipper went on weekend leave and the crest was removed and Leo’s grandfather was a silversmith and a new crest was cast out of brass and mounted, and the original was replaced on the Captain’s door prior to his return.

The photo is of Glenn’s father Leo Vincent Atkinson at (18) years of age, on behalf of the Vendetta Veterans Association we thank Glenn Atkinson for entrusting these precious item’s into our care and they will very well displayed at TS Vendetta, Coffs Harbour for all to see.

Leo Vincent Atkinson was an active member of the Association and his last recorded meeting attendance was on 24 September 1986, as recorded in the Association meeting log, 4th signature from the bottom in the photo of the log below.

Pictures below: