The Vendetta Veterans’ Association was formed post World War II by war veterans who served in any Australian warship or establishment bearing the name “HMAS VENDETTA”.   As an Association it established a number of aims that would:

  • Perpetuate the close ties of friendship created by mutual service in wars involving the Australian Nation and the recollections associated with that experience.
  • Maintain a proper standard of dignity and honour among all service or ex-service personnel.
  • Preserve the memory of Vendetta Veterans.
  • Commemorate Anzac Day annually.
  • Hold a reunion dinner at least once a year.
  • Assist where possible, Vendetta Veterans and their dependants.
  • Support naval charities whenever possible.
  • Maintain an active interest in naval affairs.


In 1995 the Association extended its Category A membership to include any ex-service personnel not classified as war veterans who had served in any Australian warship or establishment bearing the name “HMAS VENDETTA”.

There is also Category B and Associate membership now available in the Association.

There were two ships to serve in the Royal Australian Navy named HMAS VENDETTA.    The first was HMS Vendetta (1917-33) then HMAS Vendetta (1933-45), a “V” Class destroyer and part of the Scrap Iron Flotilla.  The second was an Australian built Daring Class destroyer HMAS Vendetta (1958-79).

Welcome to the VENDETTA VETERANS web site where you will find information, photo’s, events and a heap of other information relating to the ships HMAS VENDETTA of The Royal Australian Navy.

There have been two ships of the RAN carrying the name HMAS VENDETTA. The first VENDETTA was a “V” Class Destroyer launched in 1917 and served with the RN (Royal Navy) until 1933 when she was transferred to the RAN.

She remained in commission with the RAN off and on until 1945. During that period of service with the RAN, VENDETTA was involved with a number of war situations in convoy duties, bombardments and the evacuation of Greece.

The most memorable and significant of those operations was the “Spud Run” in support of the “Rats of Tobruk”. After recommissioning in 1939 VENDETTA’S first task was to carry the coffin and remains of Joseph Lyons, Prime Minister of Australia, back to Tasmania.

HMAS Vendetta 1938

The second VENDETTA was an Australian built “Daring” Class Destroyer launched in 1956 which remained in service with the RAN until 1979.   This ship saw war service in the Malaya and Borneo confrontation period 1959-60, FESR and Vietnam 1969 – 70.    She was the only fully built Australian warship to fire her guns on the enemy and to serve on the Vietnam gunline. She was also the last of the Australian warships to fire a broadside salvo.

HMAS Vendetta “Daring Class” early 1960′s

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