Port and Starboard

Proudly presented to TS Vendetta Coffs Harbour by the members of the Vendetta Veterans Association the original framed White Ensign for HMAS Vendetta MK1 (1917-1946) for her Pacific Campaign along with Port and Starboard lights.    Below the model an original Upper Deck name plate for Vendetta MK1.   Both were donated by Glenn Atkinson on behalf of his father Leo Vincent Atkinson who served on Vendetta MK1 during the Pacific Campaign and up until her De-Commissioning.

On behalf of the Vendetta Veteran’s Association I would like to sincerely thank Glenn for this very important memorabilia  and the NSW and QLD divisions of Vendetta Veterans Association and TS Vendetta Coffs Harbour for their contributions towards the framing of the White Ensign.

Colin Hardie (President)

Vendetta Veterans Association